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SVP Solid Insulated Metal-clad Switchgear


SVP is the first solid insulated metal-clad switchgear designed and manufactured in China. Compared with traditional solid insulated metal-enclosed switchgear, this kind of withdrawable design can quickly eliminate the break-down part and shorten interruption duration.


SVP Solid Insulated Metal-clad Switchgear.pdf


SVP Solid Insulated Metal-clad Switchgear is suitable for indoor and outdoor installation, which can work in severe environment。 This switchgear adapts “five-compartment structure”, which is isolated from each other through the metal partition。 All the live parts are fully sealed or embedded within epoxy resin and silicon rubber。

Standard modular design of different functional module, flexible assembly enabled.

There are functional handcarts and auxiliary handcart of SVP。 The functional handcarts are including circuit breaker, disconnector, fuse, voltage transformer and surge arrester handcarts。 And earthing handcart for auxiliary handcart。

This switchgear has type tested including internal arc test and DNV tests in accordance with the standard of IEC-62271-201 and GB 3906-2006. This switchgear is equipped with interlocking devices to ensure the safety of normal use.

This switchgear can work with protection relay to protect line, transformer and motor. 

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